We build

We create quality mobile software (apps and backend) and, we love it. We believe in mid-term solutions while keeping a lean approach. Our execution process is as follows.

  • PLAN. We team up to find a tailored execution plan to validate your business hypothesis. We set the goals and success metrics and define the requirements.
  • DESIGN. We translate the plan into prototypes and map the user experience with optimized interface designs. We validate our designs through user research to minimize UX biases.
  • ENGINEERING. We develop a ready to scale technical solution with the flexibility you need in an early stage.
  • EVALUATE. We evaluate the results and give you valuable insights. 
  • ITERATE. Thanks to our results we are ready for a new iteration.

We scale

Scaling a software organisation brings lots of challenges. From small start-ups to fast-growing scale-ups, every company faces a process full of uncertainties. We have been there before, and we can help you through that transition.

  • TOGETHER.  Every company is different, we don’t believe in silver bullets. We will work hand in hand with your leadership team to align our work with your company’s vision, goals, and values.
  • TEAM. We will leverage our expertise in leading engineering teams to ensure alignment and provide healthy growth.
  • DELIVERY. We help planning and driving your company’s growth with a constant focus on the quality and frequency of delivery.
  • CONTINUITY. Our goal is to set the needed mechanisms and tools that will be needed moving forward, once the company has already grown.
Parabola services

We can help with

  • If you have a great idea for a mobile app but you don’t know how to start.
  • If you want a corporation to spin off and create something new with the startup spirit and way of working.
  • Helping your organization scaling up in technology and its way of working.
  • Maximizing your tech organization delivery speed.
  • Aligning your team towards your company goals.

We can’t help with

  • If you need developers by hours.
  • If you are looking for an accelerator, incubator or investors.
  • Developing through templates and prefabricated solutions.
  • Creating a low-cost MVP.