About Us

We are a team of like-minded people with experience building products for startups, scale-ups, and corporations. We are passionate about scaling teams and the software they build.

We build software that impacts society positively and improve people’s life.

Albert Hernández


Albert is a software engineer with experience scaling mobile apps and teams in startups and corporations. He developed his career in tech consultancy in Spain and The Netherlands and contributed along all stages of letgo (+$1.5B valuation) – from pitching until acquisition – as Head of iOS Engineering. Albert holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from UAB and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Marcos Hernández


Marcos is a software engineer with proven experience building products and leading engineering teams in all kinds of organizations. He started his career in tech consultancy across Europe. Then he leveled up successful startups (Suitsupply, Lyst, Glovo) business by leveraging their engineering teams, their internal processes, and tools. Marcos holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from UAM and currently resides in Madrid, Spain.

Sergi González


Sergi is an experienced backend software engineer. He has developed his career as technical leader designing scalable and high availability systems. He started his career in consultancy and then contributed as technical hands-on leader to the growth of successful startups (letgo, Atrápalo, Akamon). Sergi holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from UAB and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Jorge Ávila


Jorge is an engineering leader with proven experience in startups and scale-ups. He developed his career with a strong focus in scalable backend systems. Jorge has led and scaled engineering teams (+50p) as Head of Backend in letgo. He has contributed from growth to sale of successful Spanish startups such as letgo, Atrápalo and Akamon. Jorge currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Our Values


We are a company of humans interacting with humans. You are not better, you are just different. 

  • We are a distributed team that cares about everyone’s personal life. That’s why we are distributed. We work remotely and asynchronously as much as possible.
  • We avoid bureaucracy and politics. No bullshit.
  • We commit to constructive and positive feedback.
Trust & Reliability

We keep our doors open. Leave your door open. Don’t knock the door

  • We are transparent and honest
  • We do crystal clear communication, both internal and externally
  • We are autonomous and responsible individuals that fit into the team
  • We trust each other’s expertise

Make it yours.

  • We are confident to take risks and act innovatively
  • Our involvement goes beyond the limits of pure agency work
Purposeful Impact

Do things that matter.

  • We invest in mid/big-sized products and technologies that follow our long-term strategy
  • We believe in simplicity
  • We take our decisions based on data